//  manifestation of the performance as a speculative object:

an intervention that uses the artefacts already existing in a given museum as a tool that could create new readings, understandings, misunderstandings, and new life for the collection.


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Chronologischer ablauf

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Performance artists and curators Dovrat Meron, Stephanie Hanna, Camilla Graff Junior, Leen Horsford, LAN Hungh, Lala Nomada, Francesca Romana Ciardi, Anja Ibsch, Florian Feigl, Teena Lange, Jörn J. Burmester, Joël Verwimp and Ilya Noé met at gruentaler9 to found APAB – Association for Performance Art in Berlin e.V.

Foto: Carl Whetham
Foto: Carl Whetham

The association will be registered as a e.V. according to German law, and will strive to advance performance art in Berlin in any way that we can think of.  Among other things it will support the organisers of the Month of Performance Art–Berlin (MPA-B), and lobby for more attention, support and respect for performance art in Berlin. As of now you are invited to join by written application to one of the board members, Jörn J. Burmester, Florian Feigl or Joel Verwimp.


Thursday, 17.October 2013

After a very productive discussion during the second APAB meeting at Grüntaler9, two urgent topics have been singled out. These can be discribed as:

writing basic documents about the association and setting up a professional online structure for data and archive purposes


Dienstag, 13 Mai 2014

Alternative Methoden der Veröffentlichung
Mini Conference:  The Maria de Robe collection: structures, potentials and mechanisms.


Foto: Ilya Noé, MPA-B HUB
Foto: Ilya Noé, MPA-B HUB
There is much talk today about the relationship between
performance art and the archive. The MdR Collection at the Association for Performance Art in Berlin is a long term collaboration with several museums in- and around the city. One of the central activities of the newly founded Association (APAB e.V.) is the construction of a professional structure for data and archive purposes. Apart from the traditional gathering of information, the APAB structure for collecting should be an active place where the curating and presentation of performance art reflects its archiving methodology.
During the mini-conference we talked about the potential to organise performance art events that directly engage with the museum collection. Evoking what I call the “ephemeral re-enclosure” of a collection of museum objects by the presentness of a performance artist.


Sonntag, 31 August 2014

Foto: Carl Whetham
Foto: Carl Whetham, Grüntaler9

Carl Whetham & Joel Verwimp, ‘Some things about how I wrote most of my essays: a durational editing session.‘

The prelude to the upcoming Maria de Robe (MdR) presentation series at various Berlin Museum Collections.

Teil von ungebügelt II/III ::: A collaborative investigation on curatorial practice. Kuratiert von Teena Lange, Judith Lavagna und Stefan Aue at Grüntaler9.


Sonntag, 21 September 2014

Die erste Präsentation der Sammlung MdR

Videoausschnitt Performance Frank Homeyer | silent discourse | Berlin | 2014 | Film Bea Homeyer | ©

frank 2 mdr
Foto: Joel Verwimp, Alliierten Museum
Frank Homeyer | Foto Bea Homeyer
Frank Homeyer | Foto Bea Homeyer

Frank Homeyer, Silent discourse

Alliierten Museum. 287 visitors

Foto: Bea Homeyer, Alliierten Museum
Foto: Bea Homeyer, Alliierten Museum
Foto: Gundula Bavendamm
Foto: Gundula Bavendamm, Alliierten Museum




Friday, 05 December 2014

, HTSUONIAATPTAIY #1 (Komplizentreff)

photo:Yan Gi Cheng (i-a-m)

Freedom (last issue)  // meet the accomplice at the Institut Für Alles Mögliche, KANZLEI (a 9-hour performative work-out with Yan Gi Cheng and Aleks Slota).

photo: Yan Gi Cheng (i-a-m)

Deriving from aspects, witnessed at the first presentation of the MdR collection, last September during the performance Silent discourse by Frank Homeyer at the Alliierten Museum, the event will drab and dash into a discourse of noise. How does the meaning of a normally ephemeral work changes once it becomes sequential? How does the audience relate to a performance with an alternative life cycle?

To archive in sound (with Aleks Slota): owing to the fact that it is able to be both expanded and shaped, sound can be modelled and built up in order to create an archi-form. Freedom (last issue) at the Institut Für Alles Mögliche, used sound to archive the MdR collection. Here, the traditional components of archiving, such as structure and proportion, become the instruments of musical language: the sound, without supports or structural limits, thus becomes the generator of space. The MdR collection is broken down and reassembled in wavelengths. Immaterial by nature, sound transcends borders, it is extended, and, within this process of decomposition and reconstruction, it invites us to ponder the value of the fragment and the fact that it is an autonomous part of everything.

Der Komplizentreff ist eine Veranstaltung im Open-Space-Format: Sie können kommen und gehen, wann Sie wollen. Ziel ist es, abends zwischen 20.00 und 21.30 Uhr das im Laufe des Tages gefundene und entwickelte Gesprächsmaterial performativ aufzunehmen. Beim Komplizentreff wird versucht, die aus der Sammlung MdR präsentierten Performances als Brückenschlag zu aktuellen Gesellschaftsthemen zu verstehen.

Photo: Yan Gi Cheng (i-a-m)