Ziel dieser Dialogserie mit Carl Whetham ist es, Grundvoraussetzungen für nachhaltige und Armut verringernde Freundschaftsaktivitäten zu identifizieren und umzusetzen.

Ich freue mich auf die nächste Zusammenarbeit: Drive some car with a bit of dog: the potato dialogues

After the successful presentation of the first event produced by the Foundation for Appropriate Usage of Language (FAUL) in the winter of 2012 in Brussels, and the unsuccessful event at a catholic church in a small village in the north of Belgium one year later, FAUL, secretly supported the much acclaimed durational editing session Some things about how I wrote most of my essays at the Berlin “Space Towards the Performative”, Grüntaler9 as a prelude to the first presentation of the Sammlung Maria de Robe at the Allied Museum.

The Foundation is now very proud to announce the ambitious performance Drive some car with a bit of dog, a Potato dialogue featuring a 135 course meal, all based on the starchy crop from the perennial nightshade Solanum tuberosum L.


Foto: Carl Whetham
Foto: Carl Whetham